Our heroes

Our heroes

Dalibor Malek

CEO & Owner

Seeing opportunity where others see obstacles, taking risks when others take refuge

A real visionary with a passion for innovation, digital transformation, and the realization of the impossible. A pioneer in many of his projects & businesses, and has always brought something revolutionary to the markets. He launched the first in the World digital full-color superspeed printing production of transactional and trans-promo documents and the first paper-wrapping enveloping system within the industry. He co-created and co-managed the first parcel locker InPost group networks within Central Europe and Far East Asia.

Petra Kmeťová

Project manager & Owner

Do what you love and love what you do

A native multi-tasker with excellent time-management skills. As a successfull former professional volleyball player, she developed a strong ability to work under pressure, effective leadership, and execution with killer perfection. She is a brilliant cross-team project manager with high efficiency in cross-communication & task delivery. She was responsible for international rollout and coordination of launching new markets in APAC & AMEA areas, building a team of international partner managers, and running software development projects. 

Jana Maleková

Project manager & Owner

Multi-tasker & natural leader

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